The showpiece of the Historical Village is the genuine railroad depot building that served Sylvania residents for 98 years, from 1858 to 1956. It is the oldest train depot in existence in the State of Ohio.

From this single small building, Sylvania sent its men to five wars over nearly a century – the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World Wars I & II, and the Korean War. It served through the periods of the fastest growth the U.S. has ever known, with the invention of the telegraph, electricity, telephones, the automobile, the natural gas home furnace and indoor plumbing.

Built in 1858, the Sylvania Depot was donated by Gene Paul and Jack Newton in 1996 and moved to the Village in March 1997. It played a vital role in hundreds of thousands of lives, and plays an invaluable part in bringing Sylvania’s transportation history to life.

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