aboutusThe story of the Sylvania Historical Village began quietly in 1993 when the City of Sylvania purchased a derelict home on Main Street. A citizen task force determined that this property could be used best as a museum to preserve the history of the community.  In the ensuing years, the City acquired additional adjoining property and an empty lot to convert the unused space into our Historical Village.  Over time, original and replica historic structures were also moved into the Village to develop a unique trip back in time.  What people didn’t know back in 1993 is that simple step of preserving a historic home on Main Street would serve as the foundation for a popular history destination and the revitalization of Sylvania’s downtown area.

The Sylvania Historical Village was established in 1995 to “collect, conserve, research, exhibit and interpret material, artifacts and archeology which contribute to a better understanding of the history and development of Ohio, with emphasis on the Maumee Valley and the Sylvania area.”  Our goals are being served by preserving structures and developing educational programs that reflect the architecture, history and lifestyles of the early citizens of our area.

Educational programs, group tours, facility rental fees and the income from the rent of the Historical Village’s retail buildings are placed in a Heritage Center Trust fund and are used to offset the cost of operating and maintaining the Historical Village. The buildings and property belong to the City of Sylvania and Capital improvements are funded by the City.

Today, the Historical Village is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation that is operated by a Sylvania City Council-appointed volunteer board that represents a cross section of business, government, recreation and citizens of the Sylvania area.