IMG 1054In partnership with the Lathrop House, we present a thought provoking look at the underground railroad and its connection to Northwest Ohio.  Activities are tailored to the age of the students and the length of the visit.  The program recommended for students in 3rd grade and up.

At each Village site the lesson will focus on a different topic.

  • Daily life of slaves.  Against the backdrop of the 1840s log home, students will learn more about the daily life of slaves in the south, their living conditons, types of labor, foods and clothing.
  • Escape. There were many ways that escaping slaves eluded those chasing them.  This presentation shares the stories of some of the creative documented methods that slaves made their way to freedom.
  • Triangle Trade. Students learn about the triangle trade, the economic engine of slavery, in an interactive presentation.
  • Travel skills using these maps: United States, Ohio underground railroad map an 1875 Atlas Map and a topographical map of the Sylvania area. There is also use of a timeline on National events and inventions covering the years from 1750-2000.
  • Abolitionists.  The program introduces students to some famous abolistionists
  • Jeopardy.   At the end of the day, students will participate in a lively game of Jeopardy to test their knowledge of facts learned during the program.
  • Follow the River.  Students participate in a short play that tells the story of an escaped slave.