Now that you have completed your Group Reservation and have received confirmation of your date from our staff, you'll want to take a moment and go over the following steps to make sure your day runs smoothly!

Prior to your visit please complete each item on this check-list.

  • Review the information on the Village website.
  • Send home permission slips and notes to parents.
  • Review confirmation information emailed by Historical Village Staff prior to your visit.
  • Divide students into groups and assign an adult leader/chaperone to each group. The number of groups needed will be noted in the confirmation letter sent by Historical Village staff.  Typically we try to keep each class as an individual group with no more than 25 students per group due to the size of the historic buildings and the interactive nature of the experience.
  • Recruit adult chaperones as needed.  The number of adult chaperones you use is up to you, but keep in mind that given the size of the historical buildings, we can only comfortably seat about 25 people at a time. We will make sure students are all seated.  If you have a lot of adults, some of them may be asked to sit outside or in another building if there isn't room for everyone.
  • Print out copies of Student Group Chaperone Information Sheet for your additional chaperones.
  • Complete Student Group Check-in Form. If you need an invoice sent ahead of time, just let us know.  We'll happily send it to you.
  • Review guidelines and goals with your students.
  • Remind students what to wear for their visit. The Historical Village operates in all kinds of weather.
  • Relax!  We will help you have a great day!